The Diploma Programmes

Diploma of Anglicanism / Diploma of Biblical Studies / Diploma of Church History / Diploma of Practical Theology / Diploma of Systematic Theology



Compulsory Subjects (8 points)

  • Introduction to Anglicanism
  • Writing Skills

Core Subjects (8 points)

Two subjects chosen from the following

(At least one subject must be chosen from the selected study area, except for Anglicanism)

  • Introduction to Biblical Studies
  • Introduction to Church History
  • Introduction to Practical Theology
  • Introduction to Systematic Theology

Restricted Electives (32 points)

Four subjects chosen from the following
(At least three subjects must be from the selected study area)



  • Canons and Constitutions
  • Policy Papers of HKSKH
  • History of Anglicanism
  • Anglican Theologians

Biblical Studies

  • Introduction to Old Testament Studies
  • Introduction to New Testament Studies
  • Paul and His Letters
  • The Synoptic Gospels
  • The Pentateuch

Church History

  • Early Church History
  • The Reformation
  • History of Anglicanism
  • Church Fathers
  • History of Christianity in China

Practical Theology

  • Human Development
  • Ethics
  • Leadership
  • Spirituality
  • Liturgy

Systematic Theology

  • Being the Church
  • Jesus the Christ
  • God and Humanity
  • The Triune God