Ming Hua College was established in 1947 by Bishop R.O. Hall in what was then the Church of England’s Diocese of Victoria. It was at first dedicated to the education of Chinese lay Christians, particularly from disadvantaged backgrounds.

In 1996,  the College was renamed Sheng Kung Hui (“Holy Catholic Church”) Ming Hua Theological College and given the responsibility of training priests for full-time ministry in the Church. This work continues today as part of the Anglican Province of Hong Kong, with Ming Hua being the Provincial training centre for clergy and laity.

The College’s broader identity, now as in 1947, is to encourage active participation in the thoughtful life of the Church. By providing high quality theological programmes, the College has always encouraged members of the Anglican Church to explore deeper understandings of their faith.

Additionally, the strong fellowships founded in mutual respect, support, assistance, understanding and tolerance between all members, helps the study of theology at Ming Hua to move beyond the College and into the wider reaches of our communities.

Much like the local societies of Hong Kong, Kowloon, and Macau, Ming Hua embraces local, national, and international perspectives. Visiting professors and overseas scholars are frequent guests at the College, exchanging and sharing with local members of the Church. The College is also closely involved with its ecumenical partners in the city, and the Three Self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Churches in China.

Ming Hua’s future will mirror its past: a vibrant, fascinating, and diverse College, dedicated to everyone in our Church, committed to exploring the faith and traditions given to us by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.