Faculty Members

Prof. Gareth Jones
Principal of the College and
Lecturer in Systematic Theology

The Reverend Dr. Lam Chun Wai
Vice Principal and
Lecturer in Liturgical Studies

Dr. Matthew Jones
Lecturer in Theology

Dr. Rowena Chen Ruiwen
Lecturer in Chinese History

The Reverend Dr. Peter Cheng
Director of Advanced Chinese study centre
College lecturer in Philosophical and Moral Theology

Ms Helen Cheung
Librarian & Director of Academic Resources

The Reverend Canon Dr. Eric Chong
Lecturer of Old Testament Studies

The Reverend Dr. John L. 
Associate Professor of the Development of Ministry

The Reverend William Lam  
Lecturer in Pastoral  Care and Counseling

The Reverend Dr. Eric Lau
Lecturer in Biblical Studies

The Reverend Ross Royden
Lecturer in New Testament studies

Dr. James E. West
Lecturer in Biblical and Reformation Studies

The Reverend Dr. Philip Wickeri
Professor of Church History