Theology @MING HUA

Through the continuous development of Ming Hua, the College offers a variety of laity programmes to suit the needs of individuals on their journey of self-discovery, as well as seeking to deepen their understanding of the Christian faith.  The programmes offered focus on equipping students with the tools necessary for theological study and encouraging them to think freely and critically in their studies.  Students at Ming Hua are encouraged to see their studies not simply as the pursuit of academic excellence, but also as empowerment for practical ministry and Christian discipleship in a contemporary context for service in the Church and the society.

Master of Theology
Building on previous theological study, students will achieve a high level of professional development, independent judgement, and creative thinking in contemporary theology. This programme provides a pathway to research higher degree studies in theology.  Students may complete the programme in 1.5 years.

Bachelor of Theology
Bachelor of Theology is designed to help students understand their faith and ministry in the Church more deeply.  The programme aims to equip students for leadership and ministry in the life and work of the Christian church with a comprehensive foundation in theological and biblical studies. Students may complete the programme in 3 years.

Bachelor of Divinity (Honours) 
HKSKH Ming Hua Theological College began to offer the Bachelors of Divinity (Honours) degree programme in February 2013. 
This exciting and dynamic programme, delivered by our well-qualified and experienced Faculty, is designed to help students understand more deeply about their faith and ministry in the Church.  

Certificate Programme
This programme provides a wide range of classes and lectures, all designed to introduce students to the foundations of Christian faith and practice.  The programme focuses on empowering students intellectually, spiritually and in the application of their Christian life and practice. 

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) 
CPE is a professional training program, mainly for those interested in pastoral care ministry. It helps develop and affirm a sense of mission and professional identity during the training process.