Biblical Hebrew for Beginners

Have you ever wished you could read the Old Testament in its original language? If so, we have good news! Ming Hua is delighted to announce a new language course in Biblical Hebrew.

The subject will help students develop the skills they need to begin to read the Old Testament in the language in which it was written.

Starting with an introduction to the basic grammar, syntax and the vocabulary necessary for reading the Old Testament, by the end of course, students should be able to translate simple passages into English.

They will also gain an understanding of the historical context and cultural significance of Biblical Hebrew.

Dr Stephen Lim, who will lead the course, points out that learning biblical Hebrew helps us to understand our translations better and also equips us with the tools to critique them.

For example, he explains that not all instances in which we see the names of Adam and Satan in our translations should be translated in this way. “Adam in Genesis 1-2 could be better translated as man or human, and Satan in Job 1-2, as the adversary, rather than the popular figure of Lucifer,” he says.

He adds: “This is not to mention that the very first word of the Hebrew Bible need not be translated as ‘in the beginning’, while the Hebrew words commonly translated as ‘formless and empty’ may not agree entirely with the idea of creation ex nihilio.

“These few examples alone might signal potential shifts of interpretation of our understanding of the Bible in relation to creation and cosmos. So if you want to learn this and more, you are welcome to join us!”

The course, which is aimed at people with no previous experience of studying Hebrew, is open to anyone with an interest in learning the language.

Biblical Hebrew (Level 1) will run on Wednesdays between September 7 and December 18 from 7pm to 9.15pm.

Biblical Hebrew (Level 2) will be postponed until further notice.

The course costs HK$5,875. For further details or if you would like to enroll, please contact us at or Whatsapp 9530 7241.