Voices of our Land

Be it from the past, be it from the Christian traditions and be it from people of different cultures: they speak as one Voice to testify the presence of the LORD. Let us witness together the voices of our Land to find our own voice to the LORD.

Voices from Different Cultures / the Neighborhood:

11 Feb

Reading the Bible Other-wise in between East and West: A View from Southeast Asia(Dr Stephen Lim)

This lecture focuses on the currents of reading and interpreting the Bible in Asia from a Southeast Asian perspective. We will explore how particularly Asian strategies of reading emerge from South, East, and Southeast Asian contexts and their significance for Christian faith and living. Ultimately, the lecture seeks to engage with and critique such Asian approaches and interpretations, not only in terms of what had been and what is but also, what
is to come.

12 Feb

Ira Reta Tasiu, The Story of the Melanesian Brotherhood: Lessons, Challenges and Opportunities for Christian Mission in the Contemporary World (Dr Matthew Jones)

The Melanesian Brotherhood, an indigenous religious order of young men, has grown from modest beginnings to become the largest religious order in the Anglican Communion. In this lecture Dr Matthew Jones will trace the beginnings of the order and discuss its remarkable vibrancy and success within and beyond Melanesia. Of particular interest will be the question of what can be learnt from the Brother’s unique practice of Christian mission and why this matters for Christians in Hong Kong and other challenging contexts in the contemporary world.

20 Feb

Blessing the Gardens on the Front Line: Melanesian Theological Voices and Experiences in the Midst of Climate Change. (Dr Matthew Jones)

Melanesia, like much of the South Pacific region, is experiencing the damaging and life-changing effects of climate change. As we speak, islands are gradually disappearing under the waves, whole communities are battered by more extreme tropical storms and peoples are forced to relocate from their traditional island homes. This lecture will focus on the stories and experiences of people on the front line of climate change and how churches and religious communities there find themselves in a unique role of not only ministering to those experiencing life-changing upheaval but also of activity working to address the effects of climate change and in speaking prophetically to a world standing on the brink of ecological disaster.

Voices from the Past:

13 Feb

Georges Florovsky: Patristic Witness for Theology Today (Philip Wickeri) 喬治·弗拉洛夫斯基:當代神學中的教父見證

17 Feb

History through Photographs: The Making of our Recent Book Thy Kingdom Come: A Photographic History of Anglicanism in Hong Kong, Macau, and Mainland China (Rowena Chen)

This lecture will help us to understand the history of the Chinese Anglican Church from the perspective of photography. Different stories of the people or mission work of the Church will be told by the photos and form a colorful mosaic of Christians whose work has furthered God’s Kingdom across Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China.

18 Feb

The Reform and Openness of Religious Studies in China: Retrospect and Prospect (Philip Wickeri) 中國宗教學的改革開放:回顧與展望

Voices from the Traditions:

19 Feb

One, Holy, Catholic: The Orthodox Church in Today’s World (Dr. Augustin Sokolovski)

The Orthodox Church is in many ways the oldest and most traditional of all Christian witnesses: four of the five ancient sees of the Early Church remain Orthodox, namely Constantinople, Jerusalem, Alexandria, Antioch, and many of our oldest teachings about the Trinity, Incarnation, Church, and Sacraments come from this same Orthodox heritage. In this lecture, Dr. Augustin Sokolovski from the Faculty of Theology, University of Fribourg, will discuss the rich traditions and mission of the Orthodox Church and its continuing and vital role in the contemporary world.

24 -28 Feb

THL209 Wisdom and Worship Traditions (Intensive) (Dr Donn Morgan)

This subject explores Israelite texts that reflect on living well and justly with one another (wisdom) and before God (worship) through life's varied circumstances. The interconnections between creation, human experience and language about God within Israel's varied wisdom and worship traditions are critically evaluated. Key texts examined include Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Lamentations, Sirach and the Wisdom of Solomon, focusing on their respective literary features, socio-cultural contexts and diverse philosophical, religious and moral perspectives.