Bachelor of Theology

(In partnership with Charles Sturt University) 

Visions Taught from a faith-oriented perspective, the course will equip you for Christian ministry or leadership and broaden your horizons. It is theologically and biblically rich as well as vocationally oriented.
Features + Learn about ways in which God speaks, explore ways the Church has spoken about God, reflect carefully on our speech about God
+ Be introduced to four main sub-disciplines of theology to build strong theological foundation.
+ Flexible learning experience: Global Classroom allows no limitation of location
+ Overseas field trips deepen the historical and cultural understanding of Christian tradition
+ Examine what you learn from practices

15 core subjects:
•    9 x Level 1 subjects (THL1xx)
•    2 x Level 2 subjects (THL2xx)
•    4 x Level 3 subjects (THL3xx)
Select 9 restricted electives: 
A minimum of 3 x Level 2 subjects (at least 2 x Level 2 subject in Biblical Studies and at least 1 x Level 2 subject in Systematic Theology)
A minimum of 2 x Level 3 subjects


Core Subjects
Biblical Studies
    THL100 Introduction to Biblical Languages
    THL105 Introduction to Old Testament Studies
    THL106 Introduction to New Testament Studies
    THL307 The Johannine Literature
    THL308 The Prophetic Literature

Systematic Theology
    THL111 Introduction to Christian Theology
    THL113 Being the Church
    THL215 Jesus the Christ
    THL316 The Triune God
    THL326 Theological Ethics

Church History
    THL131 Early Church History
    THL132 The European Reformations
    THL257 Religion in Chinese Culture

Practical Theology
    THL115 Liturgical Theology
    THL120 Practical Theology

Restricted Electives
Biblical Studies
    THL203 Paul and His Letters
    THL208 The Synoptic Gospels
    THL209 Wisdom and Worship Traditions

Systematic Theology
    THL211 Ecological Theology
    THL216 Christian Spirituality
    THL245 God and Humanity
    THL314 Sacramental Theology

Church History
    THL315 Anglican Foundations
    THL330 Global Christianity from 1700
    THL346 History of Christianity in China

Practical Theology
    THL218 Christian Ministry
    THL228 Pastoral Care
    THL238 Mission, Evangelism and Apologetics
    THL255 Children and Family in Theology Perspective
    THL256 Theology and the Arts
    THL335 Advanced Practical Theology
    THL366 Christian Education

General Theological Electives
    THL341 Guided Research in Theology
    THL361 Theology International Study Experience


  1. Credit may be received towards the Restricted Electives for up to two subjects (16 points) for students who have successfully completed a Basic Unit (400 hours) of Clinical Pastoral Education through an approved provider.
  2. The above subjects are subjected to change and availabilities.
Duration 3 to 12 years
Subject Fee HK$5,875 / Subject
Ways of Teaching Face to face teaching, online platform (Global Classroom)
Language Cantonese, English, Putonghua
Financial Aid The courses are eligible courses under the “Extended Non-means-tested Loan Scheme” (ENLS).

The above courses are registered courses under the Non-local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Ordinance (Chapter 493). It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead.

Registration Numbers: 212740 (Bachelor of Theology)